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Volunteer Opportunities 

We have a number of volunteer staff opportunities so that you too can share your education and skills with our children and youth.

  • Share your skills with children and youth

    • Creative Writing

    • Literary Arts

    •  Visual Arts

    • Mathematics

    • Science Exploration

    • Technology

    • Music

    • Sewing

    • Dance

    • Cooking

    • Drama

    • Photography

    • History and Culture

    • Foreign Languages, etc.

  • Serve as playground monitor

  • Write grants and funding proposals

  • Assist on Dayspring committees

    • Parent Education

    • Teacher Support

    • Resource Development

    • Program Development

    • Fundraising

    • Community Involvement

    • Facilities and Maintenance Team, etc.

  • Provide information for bi-monthly newsletter

  • Inventory books, supplies, and other resources

  • Help plan special activities such as Science Day and Art Day

  • Plant garden or help maintain landscape

And much, much more!

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