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Registration Form

To register for one of our many programs please complete this online form or download and print the registration form and return.


My child listed in the above has permission to attend and participate in the above program sponsored by Dayspring, Inc. I understand and agree that Dayspring, Inc. assumes no responsibility for transportation to and/or from this activity. I also understand and agree that Dayspring, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any and all injuries occurred while participating in this program. I understand and agree that if my child is asked to leave the program at any time for disciplinary reason, or if my child leaves on his/her own, that Dayspring, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the child after they leave. I further give the Director and any other worker or volunteer from Dayspring, Inc. permission to contact the principal, any teachers or any other person working with my child in order to partner in mentoring and tutoring. I agree to let Dayspring, Inc. make copies of my child’s report card, Maryland State Assessment Performance, and test data that will help with instruction. I also agree to check on the progress of my child.

I hereby consent to the use (full or in part) of photographs, videotapes, and/or motion pictures where my child appear as a subject for promotional and informational purposes including commercial purposes for Dayspring, Inc. I also authorize the use of my child’s artwork. I understand that my child’s full name, address, or other identifying information will not be publicized without my consent. I do also understand that there will be no monetary reimbursement at any time for the use of photographs, videotapes, motion pictures or artwork of my child or made by my child.

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Download and Print Registration Form

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