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Visions for Education Resource Center

The Visions for Education Resource Center currently offers:

Academic Support:

  • A high-tech afterschool learning environment where students may access the Internet, work on their homework, and receive academic support

  • Project-based learning using culturally relevant literature, games, materials, and themes

  • Values and character education

  • A library stocked with children’s literature, curriculum materials for teachers, and educational resources that cover a wide range of topics, including:

    • Baltimore City’s public, charter, and private schools

    • Researching and applying to colleges and universities

    • Childrearing, child discipline, and child development

    • Fatherhood

    • Cooking, health, and wellness

    • African American history

    • Women’s history

    • Faith-based learning materials

    • Community program development

    • Intervention and prevention programs for children and youth

    • School reform and activism

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