SUCCESS™ (Sharing Understandings and Concerns about Children, Education, Schooling, and Society) is Dayspring’s family and community outreach initiative, which includes parent workshops and events designed to educate parents and community residents about strategies to boost academic achievement and transform schools and communities.

Please check back soon for the announcement of our next SUCCESS™ event.

Also, parents are welcome to stop by the Visions for Education Resource Center to browse our collection of books, materials, and DVDs that can help you help your child be successful in school. You can also sign up to become a member of the Resource Center and receive discounts that can be applied to computer use and Internet access as well as to the cost of enrolling your child in our programs.

Online Resources for Parents

School Improvement in Maryland
Provides information about how parents can help their children succeed. Also includes Maryland education standards and testing information for each grade level.

The National Parenting Center
Large database of parenting articles that focus on a wide variety of topics including education, behavior, and health.
Tips, advice, resources, and guidance for parents. Information organized according to grade and age groups.

U.S. Department of Education Parent Guide
Includes numerous articles that support parents of students at all grade levels, including pre-school. See left hand column for links to information guides including:

  • Prepare my child for school
  • Find Schools and After-Care
  • Help My Child Read
  • My Child’s Academic Success
  • My Child’s Special Needs
  • College for my Child
Information on many topics, including helping students with homework, communicating with teachers, and encouraging success.
Our list of online resources is constantly growing, so check back often.

If you have any suggestions for parent-directed links, please contact us.

INSIGHTS™ Professional Development Program

INSIGHTS™ is a series of teacher professional development opportunities based on research and best practices for instruction of diverse student populations. Check back soon to learn about upcoming events and to link to helpful online resources.

Teachers are invited to visit the Visions for Education Resource Center where you can use our collection of curriculum materials and resources, many of which are on loan to us from the Maryland State Department of Education Office of Equity and cover such topics as African American history and culture, equity issues in math and science, creative use of technology in education, and effective teaching strategies for diverse learners.